A series of vibrant abstract creations - a visual symphony of playful chaos. Each piece is a representation of essence, filled with energetic strokes that carry passion and excitement. The rhythmic composition delivers a dramatic presentation, paired with vivid color palettes that conveys a whimsical charm that is reminiscent of jovial youth hood. The work is a completion of the imagination, manifested. A connection with dynamic unfiltered creativity.

Coming from a lineage of painters, musicians and writers, the creative ability is inherited. Always having a profound appreciation for visual arts and design, fashion design was the greatest area of interest, particularly in avant garde / wearable art. After successfully operating a bespoke fashion accessory company, the creative endeavors have expanded to painting and digital art.

Though never have been formally trained in the medium, the exploration of painting is serendipitous. Raised in a multi-cultural community in San Francisco, California, the value of diversity is evident in the work. Influenced by street culture, tribal art, modernism, children and spirituality, BENI is a new wave of innovative American artistry.